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Hawthorn Flowers

Have an urge to splurge on awesome flowers in Hawthorn? Give Sarah’s Flowers a buzz.

Sarah's Flowers are buzzing around with our amazingly fresh flowers like bumble bees in a meadow. There’s no time to waste because we offer a same day service six days a week, providing you with a completely luxe gift giving option without having to venture 5km west into the CBD. We couldn’t be more proud to service our fab and friendly community who know that when they want a winning bouquet there’s only one flower delivery service in Hawthorn that can deliver it: Sarah’s Flowers. We don’t muck around with second rate flowers and slow delivery. Our blooms are the finest flowers, sourced from leading growers and suppliers who take quality as seriously as we do and of course, provide flowers that are as fresh as can be. You’re about as likely to find a dodgy flower in your bouquet as you are to see Superman wearing his undies underneath his tights - it’s just never going to happen!

We won’t bat an eyelid when you tell us why you want flower delivery to Hawthorn. Believe us, we’ve heard it all before! Whether you’re looking for a dynamite accessory to go with that bling ring you’re going to propose with, congratulating your grandmother on her win in the Australian Pensioners Madonna Impersonation Championships (no one does a conical bra quite like your nanna), or apologising to your boss for accidentally sending her email slating your biggest client’s annoying traits to everyone in your address book, we have a stylish way to do it. Our boxed ruby roses are drenched with natural fragrance and beauty and make a decadent display of romance when delivered in one, six or a dozen. Your grandmother will go bananas over our Tropical Orchid display of magnificently exotic Singapore orchids (their purple hue will match her hair exactly); and your boss will forget your misdemeanour when we present her with a spectacular bouquet like Lush Lilies or Sunset Blend on your behalf. You can customise your delivery even further with the addition of one of our super add on pressies that include indulgent Australian wines, French champagne, delicious Belgian chocolates and cute teddy bears.

It couldn’t be more straightforward to organise same day flower delivery to Hawthorn with Sarah’s Flowers. If you’re not sure what you want or what would be the most appropriate, just give us a buzz on the number above. You’ll come straight through to us, where we’ll be happy to help you with everything from making the ideal choice for your event to phrasing the message in the gift card. If you know what you want, order online or via our secure mobile site 24x7 by clicking through from your favourite picture. We can take your order as late as 2pm on weekdays or 10am on Saturday and still deliver to any home or business address in the area that day. Go on, give Sarah’s Flowers a go and see how we can make the day for your special someone today.

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